OCEAN, which is an acronym for the Orange County Educational Advancement Network, Inc., is a computer user group for people who work with the IBM Power Systems platform and especially those who work with the IBM i operating system, formerly System i. OCEAN is the largest and most proactive group of its kind in the Western United States. It is a nonprofit corporation and is not sponsored by any vendor, including the IBM Corp. 

Mission Statement

OCEAN's primary mission is to serve as an affordable educational resource for individuals and companies working with the IBM Power Systems platform. Educational sessions are presented through guest speakers at the group's monthly meetings, special events, and at the annual IBM i Technical Conference and Vendor Solutions Expo. Additionally, OCEAN provides a relaxed environment for networking between members of the IBM i and Power Systems communities within the Orange County and broader Southern California region.



OCEAN currently has more than 400 active members and a secure contact list that reaches out to more than 900 professionals, including many in IBM and the IBM vendor community. The group's activities are well attended and include monthly meetings, special events, and the annual OCEAN-sponsored IBM i Technical Conference and Vendor Solutions Expo. Members represent the full spectrum of IT positions including CIO/IT director, systems analyst, programmer, and data center operations support, to name a few. Moreover, membership is open to anyone interested in the computer industry with an eye toward IBM's computing platforms.

Even if you are not a member of the OCEAN User Group, you can learn more about the growing IBM midrange information technology world in Orange County by going to the MEMBERSHIP tab and adding your name to the mailing list.



The group's regularly scheduled monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month from January–November. The annual Tech Conference is held in July. Meetings normally are held at National University, 3390 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa CA 92626-1502. Meeting hours are normally 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM.


Meeting Themes

While the primary focus of the monthly meetings is the IBM Power Systems platform and IBM i operating system, topics cover other technical areas including Microsoft .Net, VB, PHP, WebSphere, Client-server information systems, JAVA, object oriented development, e-Business and data warehouses, XML, Internet and Intranet applications, IT project management and IT management. Career development topics include new applications and a wide variety of emerging technologies including cloud computing, business analytics, and mobility.

Bottom Line

You can upgrade your entire IT staff’s skills by joining the largest IBM i user group west of the Mississippi. You can also increase your value to your employer and your value as a professional through OCEAN's outstanding educational program powered by nationally-recognized technology leaders, so sign up today!