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OCEAN TechCon19 - July 25-27, 2019

Costa Mesa, California





Patrick Behr, Erwin Earley, Orlando Ferrer, Scott Forstie,

Jesse Gorzinski, Charles Guarino, Birgitta Hauser, Simon

Hutchinson, Buk Kapadia-Jackson, Aaron Magid, Pete

 Massiello,  Eamon Musallam, Linda O'Neil, Richie Palma,

 Mike Pavlak, Alex Roytman, Robert Swanson, Robin Tatam, 

& more Subject Matter Experts!


 Conference Details




Next OCEAN Meeting - June 18, 2019


Scott Klement of Profound Logic Software


5:30 pm - Dinner & Networking

6:30 pm - Using Watson from RPG







Thanks so much to Data Storage Corporation for 

providing OCEAN with use of an IBM i partition!