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2023 November - Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence & Increase Your Productivity! - Phil Campa of Cambro Manufacturing
Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT
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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PT - Free Webinar - REGISTER NOW

 Join us for a dynamic session exploring the power of Artificial Intelligence as a game-changing productivity tool for both managers and developers. In this interactive session, you'll gain valuable insights into AI and how it can revolutionize your daily work as we ask AI to write RPG code.


Intro to AI & Productivity Tools (15 minutes): Get started with a comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence. Understand the basics, its evolution, and its incredible impact on various industries. Explore a range of cutting-edge AI productivity tools that can streamline your work, including:

1. Discover how ChatDoc simplifies technical document research and Q&A, using AI language models. 
2. Learn how Notta.AI transcribes audio to text with remarkable accuracy. It takes meeting notes and provides a list of action items and a summary. 
3. Dive into ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model for generating human-like text based on context and past conversations. 
4. Explore Microsoft Power Platform CoPilot, a tool that aids in generating business requirements and use cases. 

Live Demo of ChatGPT Coding RPG (30 minutes): Witness a live demonstration by the Cambro team of ChatGPT in action as it generates RPG code. Experience how this code calls a program, performs an SQL retrieval, creates spreadsheets, and even opens the spreadsheets in Excel or a reporting tool. We'll provide you with prompts and web links to these tools for your convenience.

Q&A and Discussion (15 minutes): Engage in an open discussion allowing you to ask questions, share your thoughts, and explore real-world applications of AI in programming and office productivity.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to harness the full potential of AI and elevate your productivity to new heights. Whether you're a manager or a developer, AI has the tools to supercharge your work. Reserve your spot today, and let's embark on this AI journey together!


BIO: Phil Campa has 15+ years of experience as Director of Software Integration and Development, Global Project Manager, Application Developer, Business Process Analyst, and other technical and managerial positions. He directed onsite staff in Tokyo, Portsmouth UK, Los Angeles, Frankfurt Germany, Beijing, New York and Singapore.

He has successfully led complex projects in collaboration with Executive Management, technical and functional teams, offshore teams in F2F and virtual meetings. He utilized a hybrid of Waterfall and Agile methodologies along with Kaizen and Six Sigma tools. He has managed many ERPs including SAP, Infor-XA and JDE with emphasis in manufacturing, engineering, production planning, finance, and human resources. Phil has worked for major corporations including ADP, Pall Inc., Newport Corporation, and managed projects for Citi, Schlumberger, Bayer, ING, Best Buy and others. His teams value his work ethics, communication and leadership skills.

Phil has an MBA from the University of Redlands, California – highlighting the Asia Market and has attended courses at the University of Hong Kong, and Reitaku University in Kashiwa, Japan.
Our November meeting will also include our annual election of the 2024 OCEAN board members. Please note the slate of candidates below. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity next year, perhaps assisting with the conference, please contact us at [email protected].

2024 OCEAN Board Candidates

President - Phil Campa 

Vice President Programs - Margaret Matthews  

Vice President Conference Chair - Patrick Behr 

Vice President Marketing – Natalie Reyes  

Vice President Membership – Joseph Wright  

 Vice President Secretary - Steph Beneschan 

Vice President Treasurer - Vijai Garg  

Contact: [email protected]