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2023 April 29 - Take Your SQL Skills to the Next Level - In-Person Workshop with Birgitta Hauser
Saturday, April 29, 2023, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM PST
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8:30 am - Check in & Continental Breakfast

9:00 amGroup by, Having and Multi-Dimensional Grouping - Break - SQL Services for the ILE Programmer

 11:30 am - Lunch - Discuss all things SQL with Birgitta!

12:30 pmSQL and IFS – Reading/Writing IFS files with SQL - BreakBoolean – The New Data Type in SQL 

3:00 pm - Workshop Ends

Event Location: Vanguard University, 55 Fair Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Event Fee: OCEAN Members $50, Non-Members $100

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would still like to attend!

 Group by, Having and Multi-Dimensional Grouping An SQL SELECT can be much more than a simple SELECT * FROM query. Among others it includes with the GROUP BY clause a powerful data aggregation capability. A bunch of aggregate functions allows one to count or summarize rows, to calculate the average over multiple rows, to determine the minimum and maximum row value. The GROUP BY clause may be widely known and used, but the HAVING clause which goes hand in hand with the GROUP BY is often a mystery. There may be other secrets waiting to be revealed … or did you know you can create all kinds of sub-totals and grand-total with an SQL GROUP BY? 

SQL Services for the ILE Programmer With the latest Releases and Technology Refreshes IBM added a lot of powerful IBM and Db2 Services to Db2 for i and SQL, for example for work management, security, database, IFS … But did you expect, there are also a lot of Services that can be used by the programmer to make life easier? For example for sending or retrieving data queue entries or writing a message into the joblog or for converting a spool file into a PDF-document and much more. Additionally, there are all kinds of Services that help to analyze and manage ILE Objects, such as modules, service programs (with exported procedures), programs and Binding Directories, but also activation groups.

SQL and IFS – Reading/Writing IFS files with SQL SQL is great for accessing data located in a relational database. But in a modern world it is also necessary to consume data that is located in the IFS (Integrated File System) or provided by web services. With each Technology Refresh IBM introduces and enhances Db2 for i Services. With Release 7.4 Technology Refresh 3 IBM provides new SQL Stored Procedures for reading data from and writing Data into the IFS.  In composition with other SQL Functions, it is easy to scan through IFS files or decompose *.csv files or JSON files or XML documents located in the IFS. Learning Objectives: In this session you’ll learn how to write data to the IFS and how to read IFS files, by using no other programming language than SQL. It will also be demonstrated how to access and decompose *.csv files located in the IFS without copying them into a physical file or SQL table.

Boolean – The New Data Type in SQL In this session you will learn not only how to define columns in tables and views, but also how to convert data in a character or numeric data type into BOOLEAN. But what if we have to deal with this data type in programming languages such as RPG?..

 Birgitta Hauser has worked on the IBM i and its predecessors since 1992. She graduated with a business economics diploma, and started programming on the AS/400 in 1992. She worked and works as a traditional RPG Programmer but also as  aDatabase and Software Engineer, focusing on IBM  i application and database modernization.

Currently she is an independent consultant and works in Consulting, IBM i Application Modernization and especially Database Modernization on Db2 for i. She also provides individual programming on IBM i to her customers. Additionally, she also works in education as a trainer for RPG and SQL developers.
Since 2002 she has frequently spoken at the COMMON User Groups and other IBM i and Power Conferences in Germany, other European Countries, USA and Canada. In addition, she is co-author of two IBM Redbooks and also the author of several articles and papers focusing on RPG and SQL for the ITP Verlag (a German publisher), IT Jungle Guru and IBM DeveloperWorks.In 2015 she received the John Earl Speaker Scholarship Award. In 2018 she received the Al Barsa Memorial Scholarship Award. IBM Champion 2021.

Contact: Margaret Matthews - [email protected]