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2023 October OCEAN Meeting - Dr Dave Carlson - Blockchain in 12 Easy Steps
Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM PDT
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 Wednesday, October 18, 2023 OCEAN Meeting - Online

Blockchain in 12 Easy Steps

  Dr. Dave Carlson, President of DMC Companies


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6:00 pm PT - Blockchain in 12 Easy Steps

Abstract: In Dave’s presentation he will point out that the concept of “ledgers” appear throughout our lives: from financial environments and car titles to citizenship records and health care information. He will also assert that the study of ledgers has, up to now, been pretty boring with extensive apologies to accountants in the audience. He will point out that blockchain technology “reinvents” ledgers and is being successfully used to revise many existing applications and provide solutions to problems that have been unsolvable (like getting funding to refugees without the risk of corrupt administrations fraudulently taking huge amounts.) He will start with the idea of decentralized computing environments and end with an explanation of the way blockchain technology changes how ledgers are created, managed and trusted. He will also just briefly touch on a few related technologies: smart contracts, oracles, non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies. He will also answer the question that Dilbert’s boss asks: What is the best color for a blockchain? By the way, some would say, the steps are easy because he skips over the hard parts.
Bio: Dr. Dave Carlson is the author of a new book on the dark side of entrepreneurially driven companies (www.deathbyego.net). He’s a highly experienced product development leader, CIO, CTO and technology consultant, with a very strong background and experience in delivering customer service. He has managed product development, global infrastructure and systems developers in 15 countries; including 350 developers for 500+ products in Europe, India, China and Malaysia, and has traveled to Europe 60+ times, Russia twice and the middle-east, Singpore, Thailand and Malaysia several times. Named one of the world's best CIOs by CIO magazine, Dave has a BS (Math), MBA, Ph.D. (Engineering), post-doctoral courses in Financial Policy (all at the University of Michigan) and a recent course in mediation at the Pepperdine Law School. His specialties include customer focused product development and process troubleshooting. .



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